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Are Women the Holders of Virtue?

“…when you make either sex the holder of virtue, you are doing a lot of damage…men don’t need to marry to be virtuous. Were Jesus and Paul just exceptions? No, ‘worthy’ men are expected to be virtuous on their own. And they are to depend on the One who actually lived a righteous life as they strive for holiness, not on a woman…We all need to hear God’s pure and holy law, accompanied by the gospel announcement. We cheapen both God’s common grace to all as well as his salvific work of holiness, calling sinners to repentance, and his work of salvation, sanctification, and glorification when we stereotype in this way. Women are a wonderful sex, but they are a horrible substitute for a savior.”

Are Women the Holders of Virtue?
Aimee Byrd on Housewife Theologian

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