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“Urgent Sanctification”

“One aspect of marriage I did not expect is what I like to call “Urgent Sanctification” …. in marriage, certain sinful impulses came/come out of me that not only affect me and Jesus, but the unity within my relationship. It forced me to not only deal with my issues, but deal with them QUICKLY. Why? Because the longer I allowed the remnants of my depravity to cut at the skin of my spouse, the more division and hurt would become a wedge between us.

So expect, in marriage, to be challenged in ways that will bring much much sin to the surface. But remember that it is grace that would allow it and grace that will remove it.”

Jackie Hill Perry on Facebook

One thought on ““Urgent Sanctification”

  1. Really liked this post. I find the “quickly” is often hindered by my own stubbornness to the detriment of my spouse and my own heart. Thankful for God’s good grace in the sanctification process.

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