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Holiness Matters

Watching television or a movie with Dad was always an adventure. He wasn’t the most proficient user of the remote control and had trouble identifying which button performed which function. An inappropriate commercial would flicker onto the screen and Dad would leap into action, saying loudly, ‘Hey, close your eyes, close your eyes!’, all the while fumbling with the remote in a desperate effort to change the channel. Invariably he would turn up the volume instead of changing the channel. ‘Whoops, sorry guys,’ he would apologize. Then he would study the remote for a moment, point it at the television, and confidently hit the mute button. ‘What is going on with this thing?’ he would say.

Finally, after several more seconds of frantic button pushing, he would change the channel just as the commercial was ending. It was the same story with movies. Inappropriate scene appears on the screen, Dad begins saying in a loud voice, ‘Don’t look, don’t look, close your eyes!’ and then proceeds to put the movie in slow motion, extending the length of the scene by several minutes.

Despite my dad’s clumsy remote handling, I learned a life-changing lesson: holiness matters. I learned what it means to strive for holiness and to ‘flee youthful passions’ (2 Timothy 2:22). It became clear to me that sin was dangerous and not a thing to be trifled with.
-Stephen Altrogge, My Friend, My Hero, My Dad

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