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7 Reminders When Talking to Teens About Emotions

Are you the parent, guardian, grandparent, aunt, teacher, or small group leader of a teen or teens? All of us in regular conversation with teenagers will be blessed by Carolyn Mahaney’s scripture-based reminders about glorifying God in these sometimes-difficult talks.

As the mother of four adult children, all of whom were teenagers at one time, I’ve had hundreds (probably thousands) of conversations, many of which were about emotions. Most of these were meaningful and memorable talks. But, like all sinful parents and teens, we had difficult conversations as well; and over the years (I hope!) I learned a lot from my mistakes.

The following is a list of seven “reminders” that served me in those challenging conversations. These are not rules, but guidelines drawn from Scripture that guided me as I tried to navigate these talks in a God-glorifying way. I’ve included key quotes and verses that have inspired these thoughts.

Carolyn Mahaney in 7 Reminders When Talking to Teens About Emotions

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