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Are You Tired of Waiting?

Are you weary of waiting on the Lord for something? What are some of the things women in the body of Christ often find themselves waiting for?

  • “I am waiting to find a spouse.”
  • “I am waiting to become pregnant.”
  • “I am waiting for our adoption to be finalized.”
  • “I am waiting for my financial situation to improve.”
  • “I am waiting for my husband/child/parent/sibling to come to know the Lord.”
  • “I am waiting to feel like a part of this group and find intimacy.”
  • “I am waiting to be healed from this illness.”
  • “I am waiting for this burden to be lifted.”
  • “I am waiting to feel content and quit wanting and waiting.”
  • “I am waiting for heaven.”
  • “I am waiting for [insert what you are waiting for].”

Paul Tripp notes that if you are waiting on the Lord for something, you are not alone:

You’re not the only person who has had to wait. In fact, the entire Bible is a story of waiting. It’s a major theme coursing through the Scriptures. Think about all the waiting that was done:

  • Abraham and Sarah waited 75 years for the birth of their promised son.
  • Israel waited 40 years to get into the Promised Land.
  • Israel waited (again) in Babylon for their return to rebuild the temple.
  • The Old Testament prophets waited for the coming of the Messiah.
  • Billions of Christians around the world now wait in anticipation for the Second Coming of Christ.

You see, everywhere in the Bible, God’s children are waiting. You can’t read Scripture and conclude that waiting is mistake. For some reason, God has ordained waiting as part of the plan.

What are the heart issues that make waiting a struggle for us? What’s the point of waiting, anyway? How are you doing in the middle of your wait?

Paul Tripp looks at scripture to discover God’s good purposes in making us wait. Check out his findings here:

Tired of Waiting (Part 1)

Tired of Waiting (Part 2)

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