Prayer’s Power

Prayer’s Power

The early morn is silent and still,

My heart is open to hearing God’s will.

The hush of the morning soothes my soul,

Because of Jesus, my heart is whole.

Afternoon’s come, morning’s gone.

Prayers prayed, battles won.

My soul rejoices in His Word

Because I know my prayers are heard.

Late afternoon begins to creep in,

A day in prayer has hobbled sin.

The promise of God still soothes my soul,

And once again, my heart is whole.

I wrote this poem about prayer as we prepared for an all day prayer retreat at our church, San Gabriel Community Church. I have seen so many answers to prayer throughout my life that it just kind of flowed out.

The key here, I think, is the Word. We need to know God’s Word to understand that prayer works. We see the examples of Christ’s prayers, and Paul’s prayers for the churches of the New Testament. Men of God throughout the Old Testament prayed and saw great answers take place.

But, prayer comforts our souls as well. We rest in and trust in God’s ability to answer those prayers. We are not just flinging out words into the universe, we are praying to a personal God who loves us, who saves us, and has an amazing plan for our lives. The Lord God knows me intimately. He knows my thoughts, my needs, my wants; He desires for me to have His best. One way for me to have His best is to pray and talk with my Father.

I have a picture in my home of a tree in the middle of a wintry field. It is very calming, and carries the verse  from Psalm 46:10  – “Be still and know that I am God.”  Being still and listening and praying calms and soothes my soul, and prepares me for the day ahead. Pray, and trust that the answers you get will be God’s best for you.

– Linda Young

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