Book Reviews

“In Trouble and In Joy” and “Elizabeth Prentiss” by Sharon James

Submitted by Paula F.

I enjoy reading about women who love God and have served him faithfully through difficult circumstances. It encourages and inspires me to trust God with whatever he chooses to bring into my life. Sharon James has written several biographies. The following are two I would recommend:

1. In Trouble and In Joy

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In this book you will meet four remarkable women:

  • Margaret Baxter, who married a Puritan minister;
  • Sarah Edwards, whose spiritual experiences during a time of revival has gone down as one of the most profound in church history;
  • Anne Steele, who had a significant ministry writing hymns; and
  • Frances Ridley Havergal, who was one of the most well-known Christian writers in Victorian England.

These four women knew that contentment and happiness did not depend on life’s circumstances but on God. Through a selection of extracts from their writings you too can discover first-hand the heart of God that captivated these women and enabled them to live for his glory, whatever the cost.

2. Elizabeth Prentiss

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Do you sometimes wish your circumstances were different? The biography of Elizabeth Prentiss helps us see that difficult circumstances can teach us more about God’s grace and help us draw closer to him. She is best known as the author of the popular novel Stepping Heavenward and the hymn, More Love to Thee. Through her letters, books, and poetry, she ministered to others by sharing the difficult things she had experienced. To grow in love for God was the one great passion of her life.

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