Testimonies & Interviews

Candice P’s Testimony

History has sometimes been referred to as His story, or God’s story.  God has been authoring a story from the beginning of time and this is one account of many of what He is writing! I am always awestruck when I see examples of how God’s ways are not man’s ways.  For none of my immediate family members are followers of Jesus Christ, yet God in His sovereignty placed an appreciation for church in my mom.

One day, she noticed the Pastor at the church-hosted Chinese school I was attending giving a mid-day Bible lesson. She believed it would be a good place for her child to learn “morals” and faithfully dropped and picked me up from church starting at the age of 7 for eleven years. I do not remember a specific moment in time when I gave my life to Christ, but recall having an early interest that led to devotion and service. I learned many Bible parables and stories, however, I did not truly apprehend the depth of what Christ accomplished on the cross.

In the recent years, God has used my husband and a number of godly influences to grow my understanding of my sin – failing God’s holy standard (on my own volition, without help mind you!) and rightfully deserving God’s judgement of eternal death.  To reflect deeply of God sending Jesus to receive on the cross what was meant for me is humbling and a magnification of God’s love and grace.  I am amazed of what God has done – using ordinary means – a 3rd grader attending a class because of a faithful mother to begin the extraordinary – a life redeemed and forever changed by the grace of God and love of Christ.

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